Wednesday, 22 February 2012

I am the worst comfort eater

I am feeling pretty low today and feeling very tired. However I don't comfort eat like a normal person, like today for example I was craving sweet food but instead of getting chocolate like a normal person I ate milo without milk and museli. Yeah I know.

When I am craving salty chips I eat baked potatoes or olives. yep you read that right. One day I was so stressed I went and sat in bed and ate a jar of olives.

I am feeling low because I feel bloated and my skin is breaking out. However Paul is confusing my body problems and low mood for a depressive episode. However I know the difference. When I am having an episode I don't eat, I have no motivation to do anything and I cry at the sight of myself in the mirror. Today I was just tired and feeling run down and also feeling hormonal. Yet I went to work and have started packing for moving. I am getting there, everyone has off days and this is normal. The feeling is different. I used to panic everytime I had a negative feeling but my doctor explained it was normal.

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