Thursday, 22 March 2012

Travel Diary Part 1

Paul and I have been in Vietnam for almost a week. We have just arrived in Hue after being in Hanoi for a few days, it is very dirty but beautiful at the same time. I am being super insecure about my weight - we're eating a lot and I was already trying to lose weight before we came. Its hard because I want to relax and have fun but all I can think about is how fat I look in the photos. I am having major body issues right now and its driving me insane as I just want to be happy as I am. But acceptance is hard after 20 years of telling yourself (and others telling you) you're fat and ugly. Paul assures me (as do randoms in clubs) that I am not but I still feel like the dorky fat kid (I was in school, I blossomed at 17).

It is really getting me down that my body is making me feel upset and ruining my holiday. Luckily for me I have Paul to tell me to stop being stupid. He is my voice of reason as I lack an internal one (he also tells me not to climb/eat/burn certain things, somewhat useful but sometimes a buzz kill). Maybe I will starve myself when I get home.

Look out for Travel Diary Part 2 next week.

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