Friday, 17 August 2012


I have had a rather bad week. Basically I've been doing two people's jobs at work but this week my supervisor started and I was excited to push off a load of work. Except when I met him I realised he was a douche bag who had 'forty years of experience in the industry (ie. he worked in the SAME place for forty years as his own boss) so he's full of himself and basically walked into the place and told me to 'fuck off I'm the boss'. After four days of passive agressive struggle he called me into his office and dressed me down badly which as someone with very little self confidence in anything else but my job was horrible. I walked out, sped home crying hysterically almost running my car off the road twice and going home and crying it out. Paul came home and told me that I should look on the positive that: a) I basically am now being paid very well to do my Masters Degree as I am not allowed to work independently and he micromanages everything b) that he will probably fail at this job as he isn't as experienced as he thinks and I can sit back and laugh c) I can disconnect from my job and leave it at work where it belongs and concentrate on getting better. C is hard for me as I've been 'entrenched' in a small town for the past year where my whole life has been my job which was exhausting but a great way to distract myself from being depressed. Basically I am going to swallow my pride and let him fail at his job - or maybe he will thrive in it and I will just get a two years experience on my CV in PR, all my debt paid off, a Masters Degree and hopefully finish my manuscript. I will not let this douche get me down. He is just one of many people in my life who I've met who underestimate or belittle me - funnily enough they're always middle aged men who have peaked in life - I get the feeling I intimate them because I'm a attractive, independent, intelligent woman (at least in the work I am). I will rise above the bad people who think they're better because the truth is they're not.

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