Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Dear Paul prt 2

How dare you call yourself superior to me? Especially when I just lost my fucking job. You are an insensitive prick who thinks he is god because he is a fourth generation country bumpkin and therefore everyone knows him in this town. Wanna know something? You are nothing but a big fish in a small pond. You keep telling me I'm such a horrible listener but I don't need to listen to you. You will never find anyone who makes you happy because you're so up yourself you can't see your own flaws - that you think you're ALWAYS right, that you're so smart and that you're just this amazing person. And you can be an amazing person but you're unbelievablely self involved - it is always about what YOUR doing, not what I was going through. I made a choice around 8 months ago to come here and be with you. I don't regret it because now I know what a relationship feels like. We had a real one for a while but you've gone off your rocker because you do that to ALL of your girlfriends. Surprisingly, none of them seem to want to admit you exist. But I'm not them, I'll still be polite and talk to you but I am never letting you hurt me again. You're not the guy for me. Thank god. Because the idea of living here and having your babies just makes me sick/laugh and cry all at the same time.

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  1. 4th generation bumpkin will always be superior to 3rd generation dole bludger. Which is you again. Surprise surprise. You've quit again. Just like before. I never claim to be always right, but if you'd listen you'd know that. And if you'd ever paid attention to anything more than 1 ft away from you, you would've seen that I did everything for you.