Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Want help

I have seen many counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists and psychics (okay only one psychic) to look for help in depression. It honestly isn't like going to a doctor for a prescription. Having a good support network of health professionals can really move along treatment.

The first counselor I had was the free one at the university. He was nice but he was for short term problems and was so booked I could hardly ever see him more than once a month. For someone with bad depression they need constant treatment.

So then I went to a psychiatrist who asked me strange questioned and creeped me out.

I then found a great clinical psychologist who I saw for almost three years. Sometimes I'd go for months without seeing him because he pushed me so hard emotionally. The funny thing is he is the person who has most help me with depression and moving forward.

But then I moved from the city I was living in and moved to a very small town with limited options. I currently see a counselor who's very nice but doesn't push me the way I need to improve. So for now my treatment is on hold in terms of therapy. Paul does psychoanalyse me too but he's not a professional. He does push me by showing how patterns of behaviour result in most of my problems.

I do want to get professional help again as I am a long way from being able to cope with day to day life. Sometimes I get anxious and can't move. Sometimes I am sad over stupid things. I am getting better but the urge to hurt myself sometimes is so strong having someone to explain it to who is detached from the situation would be helpful.

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